해외 사업개발 인턴 / Global Biz. Dev. Intern

We are looking for a team player with excellent communication and cooperation skills, who can work effectively with colleagues to achieve shared goals.
The ideal candidate will work proactively and have good interpersonal skills, including the ability to share information and feedback with team members in a clear and concise manner.

주요업무 (Main responsibilities)

다양한 플랫폼에서 활동중인 해외 크리에이터에게 LIKEY 소개 및 활동 제안
담당 해외 크리에이터 활동 관련 사업 컨텐츠 기획
담당 해외 크리에이터 활동 관련 서비스 온보딩 및 문의 응대
**인턴으로서 현재 업무진을 서포트하며 같이 성장할 분을 찾고 있습니다!
**6개월 근무 (근무 평가에 따른 연장 또는 정규직 전환 가능) Outbound casting, introducing and proposing the company’s platform to various creators/agencies in various fields
Discovering creators/agencies that fit the platform
Cold contact to introduce the company's platform services and propose collaborations
Managing and communicating with new and existing overseas creators/agencies
Support creator education & establishing strategies for creators in the platform.
Support in Business Development
Understanding the industry & performing market research for the competitiveness of the company’s platform.
Support implementing plans regarding marketing or business development.

자격요건 (Qualifications)

해당 국가의 언어가 능통하신 분
한국어가 유창하신 분
다양한 사람들을 두려움이 없이 커뮤니케이션하는 것을 즐기시는 분
책임감을 가지고 주도적으로 일하시는 분
평소 인플루언서 경험이 있거나 관심이 많으신 분
Fluent in English, basic or higher Korean skills
Previous experience or a strong interest in influencer and creator business.
Previous experience or a strong interest in marketing or content creation.
Communication skills and experience with customers, influencers, or content creators.

우대사항 (Preferred Qualifications)

현지어 1개+영어+한국어 가능하신 분
현지 크리에이터 콘텐츠에 트렌드를 잘 캐치하시는 분
아이돌, BJ, 코스프레 등 관심이 많으신 분
CS 업무 경험이 있으신 분
Fluency in a language other than English and Korean is a plus.
Has local knowledge of the corresponding culture.
Strong interest in trends and quick adaptation skills.
Good understanding or interest in office skills and tools.